Target leads generation


challenges encountered by Accountants

Most accountants find that sourcing new clients is difficult, and consider their best form of lead generation to be word of mouth, from networking events. 

However, this approach is time-consuming and the competition is high.

When visiting your next networking event, look around, you will note that the event is well attended by colleagues from the accounting and bookkeeping industry looking to make the same connections to getting new clients.

Some accountants and bookkeepers look to getting referrals from existing clients which is considered a reactive approach to marketing plan rather than pro-active marketing. 

This again is the slow and a may-be approach to getting clients.

The value proposal

As experience bookkeepers, we are accustomed to doing our own client acquisition target leads generation marketing while exercising professional ethical standards and will make it our business to leave every single call on a positive note.

Even if the prospect is perfectly happy with their current arrangements and has no intention of changing service providers, we will end the conversation with a positive view of your business and subliminally plant the seed that if circumstances change, your firm will be on the short list.

The Starting Point

The starting point of any campaign is to discuss exactly which industry and type of businesses you want to target.

Next we source the right marketing database based on your criteria. 

However, the call marketing database can be provided by you or purchased from list management services.

Put our service to work and make the next Tax Season your best ever.


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