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This is the leads acquisition marketing that drives a range of customized for accountant’s services designed to help accountants grow their client base competition free.

do the analysis. Does the offer to get you clients include a managed service feature that will put you in front of clients?

If the offer plan is to add, you to a director in the hope that clients doing keyword search will find you, that is old stuff.

These services can no longer deliver ROI. The market is crowded.  Switch to ACAS for a dependable leads system.



how we do it

This Leads program is Postal and Zip Code specific.

Prior to the launch of these Leads Acquisition marketing, we output a postal code and zip code list of accountants in our directories and focus the leads generation program to only reach out to business owners located in the specified business postal code or zip code locations.

This way, most, or all of the leads generated for accountants in our directories will be location qualified, to be within one to two hours drive from the office location of the accountant specified office postal or zip code.

If you are listed in our directory, your business will be put in front of potential clients.  Plus, if you are submitting articles and newsletter for our content marketing database, some of these potential clients will already know your business name from reading your articles and consider you an expert.

These direct promotions are done


 April  --- and

  September  each year


undistributed leads

Our approach to leads generation will minimize the volume of undistributed leads we generate and must publish in our undistributed leads database

Our undistributed leads database is also designed to provide accountants getting started in their own business, will have a quick link source to acquire some qualified leads to quick start the process to develop new clients  to start their income flow.

This will help keep the start up client acquisition cost for accountants low by providing a quick leads source they can access by login and download.

Since all leads generated into our system are qualified through our find-an-accountant system, all leads can be considered ready-to-sign and a great source of quick start clients leads source for new accountants in our directories.

To manage the size and number of business owners we reach with our leads generated marketing program, we use a number of leads per accountant postal code/zip code system.

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