Guaranteed Leads Program

The Challenge for Accountants! 

How to focus on providing their professional services to existing clients and find a way to create a dependable year-round leads generation system that requires no direct sales call effort from accountants.

That means, not having to make cold calls, or having to invest in expensive leads marketing systems, that don't work any way or having to buy accounts to grow their client base and incomes.

The Solution

The ACAS Guaranteed Leads Generation program

Our Guaranteed Leads generation and client acquisition program is a FEE BASED SERVICE that can be customized to deliver five-ten (5-10) qualified leads per month or more to your inbox, based on your client growth goals.

This will give you the opportunity to add one-to-two new clients per month or more to your client base.

Some Measurable Benefits                   

This leads generation program is driven by the requested target client and industry of Accountants.

This way, accountants using the guaranteed leads program would tell us what is their SME target market.

Using this input from our client, we would customize a marketing program to reach into the specified group focus on acquiring leads from the group and delivering the leads, referrals and ready-to-sign information acquired, direct to the inbox of our client accountant.

Quick Link to SME Group

We are changing the way accountants get clients.

We go beyond the list your business services being offered by most of the directory listing services today and the ranking systems, and instead, reach out to business owners and entrepreneurs and find those looking for their next accountant and bring them to find one in our accountants directory platform.


The Client Acquisition Marketing Strategy

We created a Find-An-Accountant business card with a video link image and a how it works link displayed.

Here is How we work it.

As we attend the various networking events and trade shows, we distribute the find accountant business card to participants we network with.

This card card recipient will usually ask how do they access the video and the how it works link on the card.

The answer. If you provide us with your business card, we will send you an E-business card version with active links to the video and the how it works information.

Similarly, some recipient of the paper-based business card, will be motivated to visit the website on the card or call us for more information allowing us to send them the e-business card.

The visitors to the find-an-accountant website, will be either ready to sign and take the opportunity to click the directory link to connect with an accountant, or use the Request-an-accountant link to ask an accountant to call.

The fact that they are  on the find-accountants landing page, the next action they will take is signing up to receive news letters and articles written by accountants in or directories.

For accountants, this is a unique opportunity to get found and have readers sharing your articles and news letters, which will create a steady flow of referrals at no cost.

 We further enhance the opportunity for you to get found by qualified SMEs/SMBs looking for accountants, with a unique direct to SME inbox marketing, four times per year and bring ready to sign business owners looking for accountants, to find their next accountant in our directory.

JANUARY   APRIL   July   &   October  


We target a cross section of the SME/SMB industry based on the target market interest indicated by the profile of accountants in our directory and their postal code and vicinity location of Canadian accountants and the zip code and vicinity of USA accountants.

Using our SME/SMB invitation marketing system, we bring the client specified group of SMEs/SMBs business owners and entrepreneurs looking for accountants, to our FindAnAccountantNearYou marketing web to easily click to visit our directory of accountants and connect with accountants located near their office or business.

This allows accountants in our directories to easily get found by Owners of SMEs/SMBs looking for accountants.

When these SMEs/SMBs select and visit the profile of accountants, they are prompted to click to read more which brings them to Landing Page Web of the selected accountant, to learn more about their services.

To make the visiting experience super friendly, the page will include a  customized welcome video presentation designed to motivate the visitor to stay longer on the page, which usually result in they retaining the service of the accountant.

As these SMEs/SMBs visit our FindAnAccountant landing page web, we enhance the visitor experience by encouraging them to sign up to receive monthly news letters and articles written by accountants in our directories with business management and tax related articles designed to help them stay informed.

These articles and news letters, will help keep the names and the business name of accountants alive in their memory which help generate referrals as they spread the word to their associates and friends.

Next in this marketing program, is the free 15-minutes consulting offer to help them with a second opinion for their next business decision or tax issue.

How to use this service to grow your business

Add your business to our directory for one year or if you are already listed in our directory, you are signed up under the annual listing program.

get started, click here to add your business today

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