Guaranteed Leads Program

The Accountants Challenge! 

How to create an always working dependable leads generation system that requires no direct sales call effort from accountants, no cold calls, or the need to invest in expensive leads purchasing, having to buy accounts to grow or expensive advertising.

The Solution to this Client Acquisition Challenge.

The ACAS Guaranteed Leads Generation program.

Our Guaranteed Leads acquisition program will generate five-ten (5-10) qualified leads per month for your accounting or bookkeeping business and give you the opportunity to sign One-Two (1-2) new clients per month or much, much more.

Some Measurable Benefits                   

This leads generation program is driven by the requested target client and industry of Acountants.

This way, accountants using the guaranteed leads program would tell us what is their SME target market and we would customize a program to reach into the specified group and focus on acquiring leads from the group and delivering the required information direct to the inbox of our client accountant.

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We go beyond directory listings service offered by internet service providers and provide accountants in our CA directory with pro-active client acquisition marketing and promotion services that will generate a steady flow of qualified leads, referrals and new clients for accountants in our client acquisition directory.


The Client Acquisition Marketing Strategy

We created a special Find-An-Accountant business card for the client acquisition marketing program.

Here is How we work it.

As we attend the various networking events and trade shows, we distribute the find accountant business card to participants we network with.

As we work the room of the events we attend we hand out the customized invitation business card to prompt potential clients to visit the find-an-accountant landing page websites which is designed to get them to connect with an accountant.

 We further enhance the acquisition opportunity with a direct marketing program three times per year.

November, February and April each year


We attend a variety of relevant networking events and small business forums and business expos and network with potential clients with the mission to bring business owners and entrepreneurs to our directories to connect with and find their next accountant.

It is a fact that all business owners and entrepreneurs will need an accountant and their service at some time.

Our approach to getting more clients for accountants is focused.  We visit qualified trade shows and participate with booth space were advantageous, to connect with potential clients, owners or small to medium sized businesses and promote our directory of accountants to qualified Business Owners and entrepreneurs.

To extend the marketing reach and information appeal to visitors, by providing link opportunities for visitors to easily click on the Landing Page Web of accountants in our directories and play the customized welcome video of selected accountants.

Demo Welcome Videos

To Accountants

For Accountants

Welcome videos on a landing page web, will enhance their visitor experience and get visitors to stay longer on the website reading the accountants business, which will get more visitors wanting to contact the accountant

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