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A Free match making service

 for business owners and entrepreneurs looking for accountants and accountants looking for new clients

What We Do

We function as an accounting and bookkeeping matching service for business owners and entrepreneurs by making it easy for accountants, bookkeepers, business owners and entrepreneurs to connect with each other to mutually achieve their individual goals for providing and receiving the right professional services.


How It Works

Findanaccountantnearyou.com, reaches into the business community and invite business owners and entrepreneurs to utilize our free find an accountant service to easily find and retain the services of an accountant or bookkeeper listed in our exclusive directories of accountants.

This way, our service allows this group of business owners and entrepreneurs to access our database of accountant and bookkeepers free and preview the profile and qualifications of accountants and bookkeepers in our database located closest to their office or home base and select and contact one by telephone or by email.

In addition, since business owners and entrepreneurs are usually highly focused on making sales and running their business, they are sometimes pressed for time and will delay the process of identifying and reviewing the profile of an accountant or bookkeeper for their business, even though they really need one.


To solve this time management challenge, we provide a free online accountant request service system that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to submit a request using our free online request for an accountant service to have us find them the right accountant for their business, instead of using the search directory.

Once we receive these request, we check our database listing of accountants to find one that matches the type of accountant required by the business owner or entrepreneur.

If no accountant is listed in our database that meets the request criteria, we go into the professional industry and search for an accountant or bookkeeper that meets the request need of the business owner or entrepreneur and encourage the accountant or bookkeeper to list their business in our directory of accountants and connect with the current available leads and position their business to receive more leads and referrals at no cost.


About Directories of Accountants

Directoriesofaccountants.com is the database where accountants and bookkeepers list their accounting practice or bookkeeping business and promote their business with a logo or picture and a profile presentation about their business and services in up to 100 words as well full contact information.

To further promote the accountants and bookkeepers in our directories, if they have a website we link their listing and profile in our directories to their website to further enhance their internet presence and visibility and allow them to stand out from the crowd on the internet and easily get found by potential clients.

In addition, we encourage accountants and bookkeepers to provide content such as articles which we publish on our websites with links from the profile of the professional service provider to allow potential clients looking for an accountant to learn more about their selected accountant before picking up the phone to call.

To make these accountants and bookkeepers even easier to find and get found by potential clients, once they are listed in our directories we utilize a unique set of keywords to create a special internet profile for their business.  This way, if a business owner or entrepreneur Google the provider by name or business name they will get found on the internet linked to the directoriesofaccountants.com database as well as to their own website if they have one.

To help insure the integrity of our directories and the professionals listed and available to provide accounting, bookkeeping and tax services, we review and verify the professional designation indicated by the service provider in their listing content in Directoriesofaccountants.com.

Directoriesofaccountants, is the new no cost way for accountants and bookkeepers to promote their business and get referrals, new clients and create a steady flow of qualified client leads without any marketing effort.



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