Exclusive Client Acquisition Management Support

This CA support service is customized for accountants looking to grow their client base and incomes fast and require a dedicated sales effort to reach clients in specific industry and service areas.

For this group of accountants, we purchase the targeted industry list of business owners they specify and assign our telesales team to cold call the list and generate easy to close and ready to sign client leads for these accountants.

this is a Customized monthly support service available to Guaranteed Leads Program Clients


how it works

This customized leads generation system, will bring Accountants more leads than they will be able to follow-up and convert to clients.

With that in mind, these accountants can retain our exclusive leads management service to Cold Call and convert these leads to clients.

Under this service system, we dedicate a team of experienced leads generation specialists to contact the client leads with the objective to virtually close the clients and refer groups of ready-to-sign clients to the accountant, to set-up in their accounting or tax services system.

Accountants using this service can upgrade their requirements to access and utilize our client service management systems.

This is our Client Service Management support that includes:

 ► Signing up the client.

  Arrange the set-up fee

Arrange the payment of the first month/quarter fee

► Arrange Back-work fees in advance

Arrange the delivery of the first quarter business papers

Arrange the monthly business papers delivery


undistributed leads

These are added to the undistributed leads database to provide accountants in our directories with a quick link source of qualified leads that may have fallen outside of their locked-in postal code or zip code.

This will provide a no-cost leads source they can login, and view the client details and download leads that fits their client acquisition goals.

Available Leads Database

  measurable benefits

► You will develop a steady flow of new clients

► Get new clients at lower cost than buying

► Eliminate the sales marketing efforts

► Eliminate the need to cold call unqualified leads

► Eliminate junk mail style direct mail paper promotion

► Have a dedicated team do the leads conversion

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