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Exclusive Client Acquisition Management Support

This CA support service is customized for each accountants looking to grow their client base and incomes fast and require a dedicated sales effort to reach clients in specific industry and service areas.

For this group of accountants, we acquire the targeted industry list of business owners they specify and assign our telesales team to cold call the list and generate easy to close and ready to sign client leads for these accountants.

this is a Customized monthly support service available to Guaranteed Leads Program Clients


how it works

This customized leads generation system, will bring Accountants more leads than they can follow-up and convert to clients within a quick connect period.

To meet this challenge, accountants can retain our leads management service to convert these leads to clients that accountants can easily add to their client base.

We dedicate a team of in-house trained and experienced leads generation specialists to contact the client leads with the objective to qualify and convert the leads to sale closed clients and refer this group of ready-to-sign clients to the accountant, to add to their accounting or tax services delivery system, without any sales effort.

We further support Accountants in our directory looking to cut their in-house administrative staffing cost, we are positioned to function as the undisclosed extension of our client accountants client service management function.

Client Service Management Support includes:

 ► Signing up the client.

  Arrange the set-up fee - Based on input from our client

Arrange the payment of the first month/quarter fee

► Arrange Back-work fees in advance - With client input

Arrange the delivery of the first quarter business papers

Arrange the monthly business papers/files delivery


measurable benefits

 ► You will develop a steady flow of new clients

► Get new clients at lower cost than buying

► Eliminate your sales marketing efforts

► Eliminate the need to cold call unqualified leads

► Eliminate junk mail style direct mail paper promotion

► Have a dedicated team do the leads conversion

► Have a CA Consultant you can call for second opinions

More Benefits

We will help you grow your business from any stage. 

We will position you to grow your client base and incomes without having to buy a practice or a book of clients.

► Your cost will be significantly less than buying

► Client Retention rates will be greater

► No long term debt to deal with

► You control the growth rate of your practice/business

► Eliminate the need to tolerate problem clients

► You get to grow your business hassle free

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